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FAQ's - Facts and Questions



Why is this show different from other Shows ?


Traditional shows are booth oriented and are great for brides to be exposed to many vendors at once in a trade show environment. 


The "Four Seasons of Wedding Showcase" is exclusively about design, decor, cuisine and ambiance.  You will find many different vendors in many categories showcased in the way a real wedding setting will be seen.  This is San Antonio's only true couture showcase of South Texas' top Vendors.


Every vendor is at the top of their field.  Every designer featured in our show graces the pages of top wedding magazines with multiple feature articles and photo spreads.  Telling the story about the best of the best in the wedding industry, the "Four Seasons of Wedding Showcase" proudly presents those vendors who have been at the cutting edge and chosen to push their creativity to limitless boundaries.


Vision, Imagination, Creativity, and Artistry drives each of the vendors selected to participate in our show.


Vendor participation is by invitation only.


Why is the Show Free ?


Our vision was to create a show that is not driven by profit but strictly by design and concept.  The vendors also do not pay a fee and it is our goal to only pass on the minimal expenses that are incurred to the vendors.


Why are there not a large number of giveaways ?


The discriminating Bride and Groom chooses vendors based on the highest of expectations with quality of service and product at the core of their decision making process.  High-end vendors do not need large amounts of giveaways to promote their business.  You will see specials and incentives and a few giveaways.  This show is designed to amaze and delight the senses by providing fabulous custom ideas not seen elsewhere to incorporate into your wedding.  While there will be specials and incentives, the real giveaways are the creative ideas on display.


Why should I RSVP ?


We strive to measure the success of our shows not by the number of guests but rather Bride and Grooms that appreciate the finer things in life.  We also strive to have available to all prospective clients culinary delights and offerings.  The RSVP is our best way to anticipate and prepare for our show on the evening of by giving the chefs an idea of our expected attendance.



 A San Antonio Wedding Show for the Discriminating Bride and Groom



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